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Returns and Refunds

We take customer satisfaction very seriously.

In the very few cases where we have negative experiences with the Leveraxe, we have found that it is because we haven't always explained how to use it very well. Please contact us if you are having any troubles.


If you have changed your mind about owning the Leveraxe, can return it in original condition, in its original packaging, and with the original contents (including the manuals etc) within 30 days for a full refund. We will ask for proof of purchase (a copy of the invoice, or order email will be fine).

If you have used the Axe, and found it unsatisfactory, you will need to make arrangements to return the Leveraxe within 7 days. We will also ask for proof of purchase and some photos of the Axe so that we can determine if the Axe has been misused or subjected to unreasonable wear and tear. We are pretty understanding - it's an axe after all!

Together, we will make arrangements about how to return the axe to Leveraxe Australia. Leveraxe Australia will pay for the return of stock from the same address to which it was delivered. If the Leveraxe needs to picked up from a different address, then we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.


In order to protect your investment, we will offer a refund using the same method as your purchase. If that method is no longer available, then we will arrange a mutually convenient method for transferring funds back to you.

Amount to be Refunded

We will refund your purchase price. We reserve the right to deduct an amount for unreasonable wear and tear or for misuse. Unfortunately, we can not refund shipping fees or transaction fees.

Lack of Satisfactory Resolution

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied by the process above, please contact your local Office of Fair Trading (or equivalent where you live) and make yourself aware of the rights of the consumer and the retailer.

Below is a list of Australian State Government Agencies that might help you:

Our local jurisdiction is Queensland. We will do the best we can to avoid needing to escalate any matter, but if we do need to, then the Queensland Consumer Protection rules and system will be used to resolve any issues.

How to Arrange for a Return or Refund

Please contact us using the contact us form as soon as possible.

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