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These FAQs are taken directly from the manufacturer's page. We've changed the Finish name, VIPUKIRVES™, to LeverAxes. VIPUKIRVES™ is a trademark of VIPUKIRVES HEIKKI Oy.

Can LeverAxe Be Used By A Woman?

Yes it can. LeverAxe has gained its success because its blade doesn't lodge in the log. LeverAxe has a long handle, allowing a wide grip stance thereby making it easier to swing.

Will The Blade Rust In The Rain?

Take good care of your LeverAxe. Cover the blade after use and store it in a covered dry location. The paint will wear off from the parts that touch the wood, but this is normal. Oil the blade occasionally to prevent rust.

How Often Do I Need To Sharpen The Blade?

You can sharpen the LeverAxe with the grinding stone or wheel. If using a wheel, you can finish it off with grindstone. You don't have to sharpen it too frequently, because it works perfectly even when a bit dull.

I Only Have 10 Cm (4 Inches) Wide Trees. How Do I Split Them?

Put them vertically and hit in the middle. With LeverAxe you must strike the middle of the log, not on the edges, for the splitting mechanism to work properly. Use of a chopping block in conjunction with a tire is the best way to save time chopping smaller trees, because you can keep more logs in queue, making chopping more efficient. Chopping is thus more efficient.

Do I Always Need To Put A Car Tire Around The Chopping Block?

No, because you can start chopping safely from the outer edge. You can chop on rock or asphalt, because the blade does not penetrate to tree all the way. The best location is a half a meter (1.6 feet) tall chopping block. You can improve the result by using a tire in conjunction with the chopping block. You can fill the tire with logs and start chopping them one by one. This way the logs will stay stationary while chopping and you can lift them all at once and move them to dry in a pile. By using the tire technique you'll save time, trouble and your back.

How About Large Logs? I Have A 120 Cm (4 Feet) Poplar Waiting To Be Chopped. It Has Huge Branches So It's A Tricky One. Will LeverAxe Work On That? I Also Have A Big Spruce That Is Rotten On The Inside And Only The Outside Is Not Destroyed.

A 120 cm wide poplar is a tricky scenario for a regular axe, but not for the LeverAxe. You can begin chopping from the edge and continue around the tree. Don't strike straight at the big branches but chop at an angle on both sides, thinning the cross section and reducing tension. It is then easy to chop the branch, as you can strike the axe to the very edge without fear of the blade striking to your leg.

Can It Cut A Branchy Spruce Or Do I Have To Use A Maul And A Sledgehammer? How About A Cross-Branched Spruce That Doesn't Split When Hit In A Wrong Place?

The LeverAxe chops branchy birches and spruces with ease. When using the LeverAxe, mauls and sledgehammers are not necessary. The LeverAxe wedges the crack open 6-8 cm (2.3-3.2 inches), splitting even the hardest trees easily. A traditional axe spreads the crack only the thickness of the blade and axe's motion seizes due to friction. As you have likely learned from experience, spruces' branches reach all the way to the base. The correct way of chopping a spruce is to split it in half and then chop in a shape of a sector toward the tree's center between the branches.

Does The Axe Concentrate A Lot Of Strain On The Wrists By Constantly Levering To The Side? Does Is Strain The Arms As Much As A Traditional Axe?

The technique of using the LeverAxe is unique, as the grip is loosened when the blade strikes the log. The blade automatically creates a levering movement and detaches chopped wood with more force than the traditional axe. The handle doesn't jolt in the user's hands during the hewing. The handle just turns in the user's hands and the laws of physics work to your advantage. You shouldn't restrain or force the movement. The LeverAxe doesn't slip upon striking the log because its kinetic energy stops when it hits the wood.

Is The Axe Suitable For Left Handed People?

Through experiments, we found there is no difference in using the axe with the right or left hand.

Will The Blade Stay Attached To The Handle If It Dries Out?

There doesn't seem to be any wedges on the handle. Due to unique fastening, the blade of the LeverAxe will not detach, even if the handle dries out. The handle's top end is a thick wedge by itself and it fits perfectly into the hole on the blade. There is elastic glue between the handle and the blade. Detaching the blade through use is very unlikely. The handle may move a bit if it has been left in dry conditions for a long period, but the matter will fix itself in a few days after the LeverAxe is used in the moist outdoors.

Why Is The Handle So Long?

The handle's length is primarily a matter of safety. A long handle (90 cm/3 ft) assures that the stroke will not hit your leg even if you miss the log and strike the ground. A long handle also gives more speed and precision to the blow.

Why Does LeverAxe Have A Wooden Handle?

The birch handle has been proven to be the best material for absorbing impact. It prevents the impact force of the blade upon the wood to be transferred to the hands. The wooden handle does not freeze in the winter and is not slippery when wet.

Can I Use LeverAxe Like A Regular Axe?

You can use LeverAxe in the same way as a conventional axe, but you must loosen your grip when the axe hits the log to allow its levering movement. It is essential to let the handle of the axe turn in your hands. LeverAxe is a special tool designed for chopping firewood, not appropriate for carpentry or for use as a striking tool.

What Is The Function Of The Axe's Special Design?

The function of the axe is based on the blade's one-sided design. When the blade strikes a log, it begins to incline, creating torque, which multiplies the splitting force and enables the blade to detach the log wood. Kinetic energy ends on top of the log so the blade will not slip.

Pretty Colorful Device. Is It Meant To Scare Rabbits Away?

Maybe out of the log's way! The real reason of the color is that you'll find your LeverAxe easily if it is left it in the bushes or the snow on a coffee break. The colors on the LeverAxe are the same as in traffic signs, because they are easily noticeable, adding to the safety of the axe. You'll notice it right away and you won't step or trip on it.

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